Unlike lots of people, I adore these little not-so-popular boutique where I can get handmade clothing and original pieces that scream ”MOI”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not refering to vintage stores.  No, no.  I am talking about small boutiques and unknown designers! Yes Ô yes fashionistas, your clothes need to scream your name, make a statement and show us who you are!  Fashion is how I show the world my true colors, how original and unique I am.  See, I like wearing classic lines, basic colors and extravagant shoes.  This is me ; Plain apparel and flamboyant accessories! Since I also wear glasses and my mom is an optometrist, well let me tell you something, glasses are my best friends!  When it comes to fashion, I don’t think we should only stick with high fashion.  As much as I love a classic over-sized Chanel purse and my reddish-smokey gray Gucci glasses, I have to say that my favorite items come from Unicorn.  Many of you might not know where and what it is, but it’s an amazing store where I can find anything, from plain to crazy within any price range.
You have to know that you need to be a lucky montrealer to experience Unicorn’s unique fashion because it’s located on 5135 St-Laurent, Montreal.  You can also shop online at but you will miss something since the environment, the decorations, the colors, the setting, everything feels good.  When I walk in, I can’t stop smilling because of all the goodies I see. It makes my wallet cry and my heart melt.  I’ll leave you tonight with a couple of pictures from Unicorn and one question : Where is your favorite place to shop?


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