oh my mother’s day – ô fête des mères

We are two days away from Mother’s day and you still didn’t found THE perfect gift for your mom?  Well here are a couple of ideas so you can surprise her.

First you have the famous ”breakfast in bed”.  It might sound silly, but it always works!  Use your imagination : Do some heart-shaped pancakes or a fruit bouquet.  You will see, the fact that you thought of her will make her incredibly happy. 
Now, if you don’t live with your parents anymore, like me, you need something else.  Since my mom is a cooking addict, it’s imposible for me to organize diner.  However, it’s very possible for me to bring her a special desert.  You can always do some delicious cupcakes with a personalized note on top.  My version will consist of three cupcakes, saying ”I love you”, shaped with marzipan!

If you ain’t a baking expert, you can always go to a crafts store and buy a DIY jewerly guide or knit a beautiful scarf.  It’s easy and you can do it while watching your favorite show or reading your favorite blog!  The idea is simple.  Think about your mother, find something she likes, uses or need and make it unique,.  Do it especially for her.
Hope you manage to find the perfect gift idea and please your mother for this special time of the year.  Mothers are annoying and always right, but most of all, they will always have your back.  No matter what.

Leave a message, I will get back to you!

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