Karen Mabon, Red Brick

Wondering how you can get beautiful accessories without emptying your pockets?  I have a solution for you today.

Karen Mabon, a Royal College of Art graduate, established in 2011 her own label : Red Brick.  It is a line of high quality accessories and jewellery, handmade with the finest materials.  I mean, a beautiful silk scarf, with hand drawn illustration that is digitally print for only 35£, wow!  Can you ask for more?  I doubt.

Courtesy of Karen Mabon –

Courtesy of Karen Mabon –

For this summer and the Olympics I suggest you get yourself one Circus gymnast necklace and a Long Distance Running Silk Scarf!  They are perfect for the occasion!  You can get them at : or selected stockist based in England.

Courtesy of Karen Mabon – 
Courtesy of Karen Mabon –

For your information, worldwide shipping is available and almost free!  I live in Canada and my shipping fees were 4£ wich is approximately  6.50$ CAD.

I, for myself, bought the Coney Island Funfair Silk Scarf and I am looking foward to the day I will receive it!  

Courtesy of Karen Mabon –

Stay tuned!  On that day, there will probably be a post you don’t want to miss : A small interview with Karen Mabon accompanied with pictures of me and my new scarf!

Leave a message, I will get back to you!

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