summer solstice

Hello friends!  So yesterday was the summer solstice.  Are you happy?  I know I am! Summer has officially started (hurray!) along with a heat wave (less hurray?).  I don’t know about you, but in Montreal it’s currently 36°C or 92°F if you preffer, and I was wondering what should I wear.  This is how the idea of creating my  TOPSHOP summer shopping guide came to my head.  It’s simple, affordable (yeah!) and consist of my three summer essentials!
My first summer essential is shorts!  Kind of obvious right?  Anyways, I found five pair of shorts that you will want to wear every heatwave!

From left to right:

Floral Printed Shorts : 25$ | Bleach Crochet Shorts : 55$ | Linen Tencil Shorts : 25$ | Tie Dye Red 
Hotpants : 52$ | Silk Puton Shorts : 65$
The second item I thought was perfect for this summer is the maxi skirt!  It’s light and comfortable.  You can waer it casual and chic, from day to night!  We should all have at least one maxi skirt in our closet!  I have two and would love to have many more.
From left to right:

Orchid Floral Drop : 77$ | Pink Blossom Maxi Skirt : 77$ | Fold Over Waistband Maxi Skirt : 29$ | Dip Hem Maxi Skirt : 65$ | Printed Maxi Skirt : 77$
Last but not least, the item that will make your running around town and your vacations a lot easier : the crossbody bag.  Oh yes!  This is how you carry all of your needed stuff without thinking about it or having a huge tote taking all the space!
From left to right :

Leather Scallop Cross Body Bag : 52$ | Leather Punchout Crossbody Bag : 57$ | Silver Lady Stud 
Bow : 25$ | Beaded Cross Body Bag : 50$ | Chain Front Cross Body Bag : 45$
What is your favorite summer item?
What would you buy from this shopping guide?


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