On Canada day and the 4th of july,

we will all be 

Canada day is tomorrow and wednesday is the 4th of July.  Are we having a week full of parties?  Yes we are!  It’s all about family, friends, BBQ, fun in the sun and gathering!  To start our patriotic week on the right note, here are some outdoor space inspirations via Pinterest.

We might not have a huge BBQ and we’re happy about it, but we still dream about having one in our backyard.  Do we?  Think about the parties we could throw there!
Your family ins’t wild and crazy?  This is your outdoor space.  It’s calm, simply chic and peaceful!
Who wants this fireplace?  I do!  Talk about a cozy sitting area!
Need some rest?  Here you go.  Enjoy!
Need a wide terrace!  There you have it!  Imagine the number of guests you can accomodate in here.
This is it for my saturday inspiration post!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!  For all my Canadian readers : Tomorrow is the day!  Have fun with your friends and family! Now for my southern cousins, I will wish you a good weekend and see you on wednesday I guess!


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