Ready to party!?

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This week is going to be crazy on the American continent starting today!  HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian readers!  It’s our birthday and we should all be celebrating together!  Enjoy your day, have fun with your family and since it’s so beautiful outside, have a great BBQ.  Now you might be wondering what the h*** am I supposed to wear?  Have no fear!  Here is an outfit I put together, all from Topshop, espacially for the occasion!  It’s all about the red and white.

Images via Topshop

Red flats with some funk to be comfortable all day running around.  Red simple shorts so our legs can tan a bit!  A cute bikini top with red and white stripes to wear under this beautiful white tank.  That way you can play with water without having a to host a wet t-shirt contest!  Next, you need to carry your stuff around right?  There you have a cute crossbody bag that will fit all the essentials.  To finish it up, put some bright red lipstick!  Do you think it’s a great outfit for today?
Now, I might be partying today but my southern cousins are all waiting for wednesday to arribe, because it will be the 4th of July!  Happy independance day to all of you!  You also need a great outfit to enjoy your day, your BBQ, your party or whatever you have planned!  So there you have it!
Images via Topshop
White flats with cute details so you also can be comfortable to run around all day long!  A great pair of shorts with the american flag as a print paired with a red t-shirt that has some edge to it.  I feel like this ”grungy” captures the American spirit well, along with this cool backpack!  Who said backpacks have to be ugly?  This one is super cool and what kind of American doesn’t like jeans?  I think you all do!  Now wear these bold red sunglasses and you’re good to go!  You will be ready for a long day of parties, fun and amazing memories!
I though I’d show you some of my favorite canadian bloggers wearing some red on this beautiful, sunny Canada day! Left : Cara McLeay | Center : Kendra | Right : Miss-Melissa .  
Now are you wondering what I meant before with this American edgy-grungy-hipster-look?  Here is what I meant!
Images via Pinterest


3 thoughts on “Ready to party!?

  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHH, I would like to be there for the party 😦 My cousin is in EEUU now, and she'll be… I hate her haahah!Nice blooooooooooooooooog!I follow you :)xxMYMESSYBOOK

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