My top 5 American brands

In honor of this week celebrations, I’ve decided to show you my top 5 favorite American brands!  There’s no particular order, but I really appreciate these fives even though I like other names as well.

Billabong – Pinterest

#1 Papercrown
If you read this post, you know that I simply love Papercrown.  Its romantic flare and clean lines make their clothing perfect.  Don’T we just love the way we can pair any piece of a collection with another?  I think we do!

#2 American Apparel

The name says it all.  It’s american, made in downtown L.A and very, very much comfortable!  Casual wear that looks good is something we all appreciate!

#3 Rag & Bone

Take a look at the picture and you’ll know exactly why I love this brand.  Colors, shapes, patterns and lots of fun.  No matter how you feel, there’s an outfit for you!

#4 Citizens of humanity

Jeans.  What says more American than Jeans?  Nothing I guess.  Any kind, every color and all sizes.  Yay for Citizens of Humanity.

#5 Wildfox

Cali living.  Free spirit.  Vacations.  Beaches.  Casual wear.  Way too comfortable to exist. This is Wildfox – showcasing the wild side of Americans!  Edgy, we like!

This is it for my top 5 brands from the States.  What do you think?  Do you like these? Did I missed some?  Tell me below in some comments!


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