IFB project #55

This summer is starting on a muy caliente note.  I mean we’re already going through our second heat wave and I’ve decided to cut my long and heavy hair!  Yes friends!  I now have short hair.  As much as I loved the way that I was able to do all kinds of hairstyles, I now appreciate how light and easy to manage my hair is.  I might not be able to do a topknot, fishtail braid or even a messy bun, but I sure still can pull out some stylish hairdos!  To all the pretty girls out there with short hair (or mid-lentgh), here are your three summer essential hairstyles!  You only need more bobby pins than the other girls!

For the first hairdo, you will need a pretty scarf, a clip and some bobby pins!
#1 Tie your scarf around your head and do a nice little knot on top.
#2 Fix the extra fabric with some bobby pins so it has the look that you want.
#3 Pull all of you hair up like you would do for a Poney Tail, twist it in a bun and clip it.
#4 Fix the extra hair with bobby pins and hairspray (if you feel like you need some).
#5 Voilà, you’re good to go!
See, I’ve told you!  Bobby pins are short hair’s best friends!  I also love to use clips when my hair is short because it holds everything in place and it has more personality than a boring elastic.

For this look you simply need an elastic and a brush!  It’s the simplest look ever and the most “efficient” one!  
#1 Brush your hair.
#2 Pull all your hair in a Poney Tail.
#3 Tie your hair.
Now why would a Poney Tail be a summer essential?  Because your neck is now free!  You don’t feel like you’re wearing a scarf and when your hair is shorter, your Poney Tail don’t even touch your skin!  How great is that?  If you want to spice up your look a little, I suggest you use a colorful elastic or some decoration on your hair!  Be creative!  You know how much I love to knit my elastic? That’s how I get creative.

This last hairdo is one of my favorite since I can’t do fishtail braids anymore!  I love braids, but we all know that it’s hard to do one when your hair is short.  However, I found a way to hold everything in place all day long!
#1 Clip 1/3 of your hair in the back of your head.
#2 Do a normal braid and tie it with an elastic at the end
#3 Enjoy and put bobby pins where they’re needed!

Would you try one of these looks?  Which is the easiest?


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