LOOKBOOK : casual wednesday night

#1 Stop wearing that coral tank top, obsess with something else.
I mentionned in this post that I love my coral tank top, but I know I should get over it!  You’ve seen it and want to see something else.  I agree.  I’ve wore it too much, that I’ve washed it a lot and now the color isn’t as nice as the first day.
#2 Get some sun, you look pale.
I really need some sun.  I look whiter than milk which is kind of hard to be.  Does this means I’m way too white?
#3 Do a complete outfit post, you know, with some shoes on.
Do you know one of my dirty little secrets?  I love walking barefoot, especially on grass!  Even though I love walking barefoot, I could of put on my shoes right?
Yesterday was casual, lazy and laid back.  It was that kind of day.  You know the ones where you don’t wear any make-up, remove your shoes and lay on the grass?  AH yes.  I love these days once in a while.  It makes me feel good and my outfit was too comfortable.  I don’t think you can get a more simple outfit.  It’s almost boring, I have to admit.  However, meet my stage : Montreal.  No photoshop background thing.  Just my Montreal.
Wearing : H&M pants | Ray Ban sunglasses | Groceries tank top | Gentle Fawn black camisole | EVERYTHING flats (not really wore them for the shoot though)
I think I wear these shoes too much.  They look tired!

Laying on the grass = happiness!

The way too casual outfit!

My setting /stage today – Montreal la jolie!

No make-up, the natural look!

Today’s accessories are a bag, gucci eyewear (not sunglasses), Iphone, flats and a crochet vest.


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