LOOKBOOK : Heat wave survival


There’s no need to deny it, I know how it feels.  The usual question : How am I going to survive this heat without looking like a melting something?  This is how I solved the issue : thin materials, shorts, easy to switch pieces that go from heat to A/C and colors!  Stay with me and you’ll see how easy it is to look stylish in this humidity.

First, I wore my linen top over a black cami so that I would be alright inside with AC on and outside with the humidity!  It’s simple as remove one layer, put it back when you need it.  I think it’s important to always have a little something to cover up inside when AC is on, because you might get sick with this rollarcoaster temperature.  I’ve paired my tops (yes two tops even if it’s 42°C outside – everything is in the material!) with my new Sugarlips shorts (thank you Sugarlips! – I’m in love!) and my neon high heel sandals.  I thought that neon would bring out the greenish-yellow in the shorts!  Is it a good choice?  Anyways, grab your sunglasses and a greatb bag and you’re good to go.  Simple look that works in a not-so-simple temperature!
ZARA linen top | H&M black camisole | SUGARLIPS shorts | CHEAP MONDAY sunglasses | ZARA neon heels | LONGCHAMP handbag | ESSIE munchi munchi and mojito madness nail polish!


9 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK : Heat wave survival

  1. Beautiful outfit! Its not always easy to stay chic and cool in a heatwave, but you nailed it! Enjoy the weather, England is all flooded!Sarah XxX

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