It’s monday July, 23rd and I’m officially on vacation for the next two weeks!  Hurray!  I would love to travel the world, but I’m simply going to spend a week at the family cottage with friends and the rest will be fun activities in my hometown, Montreal.  That doesn’t mean we can’t dream about the places we would love to see right?  So here are 4 countries that I want to see before I die (bucket list type) on a Euro trip!
AHHHHH Grece!  I would love to spend time visiting Athens and then tan on the beach.  It seems to be paradise and I think I have a shot at going there without emptying my pockets : Thanks to my mom’s cousin who lives in Athens! 

Viva Espana!  Do I really need to explain why I want to see this country?  It speaks for itself!  Beautiful place!

La France!  Even if I’ve been there a couple of times already, I always want to see more and more.  Plus, seeing my mom’s family always makes me happy.  You know, when half of your family lives in another country you wannna go as much as you can right?!


Last but not least, Italy!  I need to see Rome, Milan and those beautiful Italian beaches.  Yes friends, it’s a need!

What are some countries you would like to see around the world?  Do you travel a lot?


2 thoughts on “4 PLACES TO SEE IN EUROPE

  1. I've been to Milan and Barcelona but I have my hopes set on a retirement in Greece! Always have 🙂 I want to travel EVERYWHERE though.. I'm not happy unless i'm toting my passport around. 2 weeks for a family fun and relaxing vacation sounds lovely 🙂 Have fun! x➤ ShubanaCoeurDecors

  2. I've been to Italy! It is amazinggg!! Portugal is also beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Greece! Have a wonderful vacation! mine starts next Friday! ahhhh!!

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