Save money with these

It’s thuesday and that means it’s time for our deals of the week!  This week I thought I’d make it all about Nasty Gal and extend our weekly deals on three days!  So today is all about dresses.  Check out these four fabulous dresses with an amazing price tag! 

Ruffled Feather Dress, 15.13$ | Day Tripper Dress, 29.26$ | Cobain Dress, 30.27$ | Ruby Cutout Dress, 99.88$

You can buy every single dress here!  Have fun!

What do think about these dresses?  Would you buy them?

You like deals?  Check these out from TeamBuy!  Click the image below!


3 thoughts on “Save money with these

  1. They all look lovely 🙂 That white one is probably my fav one<3 Your blog is great! Now following it on Bloglovin' :)xoxo Eeva

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