Hello special day!

Today is a special day for two things : my birthday (yay!) and the fact that I’m leaving for a week to go to my family cottage!  I’m very excited to be far from the city, to be with friends and have a great time!  Sometimes you need these special activities to remind you how beautiful life is and how grateful we should all be.  So here I am, telling you how grateful I am that I’m alive for another exciting year!  This year is going to be bigger, better and bolder than the  last one.  I will try to step it up a bit and work harder to get things done!  I’m leaving you today with pictures from wednesday.  It was a beautiful day that I spent in the park/mini forest near my house.  That’s what I love about Montreal, urban meets nature in a wonderful way!  

P.S I was wearing wedges that day and I feel really cool that I survived this not so typical walk around the “jungle”.  Hey! In heels it felt a bit like the jungle okay?! Ahah! 

P.S 2 Even if I’m gone for the week, I have a new one scheduled so stay tuned!  You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s new column!

Gifted Shirt from my aunt | Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses | TOMS wedges | Guess Jeans | David Jones bag | DIY bracelets
Have an amazing week friends!  Don’t be shy to spread your love while I’m away and I will respond to you as soon as I come back!


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