weekend wisdom

I read this post about being imperfect on Kendra’s blog and when I saw this image, I had to share it with you!  It shows my opinion about being workoholics.  She was talking about us, humans and bloggers, being more honest with eachother when we are feeling tired, sick or simply need some vacations.  She is right since most of us have jobs, blogs, studies, extra activities and I coud go on and on!  It would be delusional to think that everything goes perfectly without two tons of energy.  So we should all be honest with ourselves and realise that we can do anything, but not everything.  I think that it’s better to do fewer things in a great way than everything in the wrong way.  At the end of her post she asked this : 

” What do you make of the recent surge of honesty in the blog world?  Do you think that we are getting to a point where we all want a bit more than pretty things?  Perhaps we want to know something deeper about the person whose blog we visit everyday? “

And it got me thinking.  Do we want more than pretty things?  I think so.  Do we want to know something deeper about the person?  Hell yes!  Why?  I’m not quite sure yet.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to explain why I feel some sort of way and right now, I’m not sure why I want to know deeper things about a blogger.  I know that having more than pretty things, like substance, is simply a way of life.  I enjoy reading blogs where I can get more than just pretty images or amazing outfits, where I can actually start thinking.  It shows how much a person is in real life.  It means that behind this beautiful face, there is an incredible mind trying to do good things around its beliefs and this makes me feel good.  

It still doesn’t explain why I want to know more about the individual behind the blog.  I feel like knowing more about a person makes you closer to their blog and helps you understand its content in a different way.  I could continue my thinking a lot more and go deeper and deeper in my thoughts, but hey! I don’t feel like drowing you into too much weekend wisdom!  Still, go have a look at Kendra’s Candid Conversations over here and continue the chat!

Marie L.


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