All images – Montage by Marie L.

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Behind every great men, there is a greater women.  Iron Lady.  This is the kind of woman that I want to be.  To look like one strong woman, you at least need to dress like one.  What better way than mixing what used to be only man silhouettes with feminine patterns?  Add some bold colors and you’re good to go.

Military Minded and Shakespeare in love.  Two trends that I love for fall and winter.  I think it’s the perfect combination of patterns, colors and silhouettes for my powerful woman look.  When it comes to the cold season, we need to have the darker base with the touch of bold colors and feminine patterns.  It makes it so much more fun than simply wearing shades of grey for 6 months.  That my friends, is one of the reason some people have SAD and others make it through easily.  Okay, maybe not and it shouldn’t be a joking matter, but hey! make the best of everything.  Mix and match so you have a unique combo that you love.

So when I saw what IFB’s new project of the week was, I got excited.  I thought it was the perfect occasion to mix and match my favorite fall trends to create something unique.  The idea was to create a collage with your favorite trends for fall and you might see your images inspire an Iphone case by Uncommom.  And here is my project!  Everything you see below is in hope of winning this week project.  You should participate!

All images – Montage by Marie L.
As I mentioned it before, masculine silhouettes, feminine patterns and bold colors are my perfect ingredients for fall and winter.  That’s how I keep myself interested in trying to pull out the best of my wardrobe even if it’s cold and grey outside.  Looking at my inspiration board, I also noticed that nature has a lot to do with the colors that I choose.  I think everyone is inspired by what surrounds them and that’s why we see a lot of burgundy and darker colors in the FW 12 collection.  Pull out the Iron Lady in you, be Military Minded and make Shakespeare fall in Love!  Now if I try to put all of this into an Iphone case, this is what I got.  I could of go on and on, but I had to stop at three or else I would have been stucked to my computer forever!  Ah inspiration, when you got me!

All Iphone cases are created by Marie L.

Marie L.


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