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The three Prada images come from Elle Québec.  Follow the link below to get there.

There’s one thing I like about mondays and it’s this get the look column!  I don’t know why but I like to do research and then get some collage together.  It makes me happy to create looks from other looks.  Anyways.  

As I was surfing the Internet for Fall’s trends (read as I was looking at every designer’s new collection), I came accross Prada on Elle Québec and it hit me.  Patterns, lots of patterns.  This is why this week’s get the look focuses on patterns.  It’s such a great way to add some fun to an outfit or to simply showcase your crazier/craziest side.
Every images come from their respective store.
1. Proenza schouler – 2950$
2. Topshop – 48$
3. Topshop – 92$
4. Boutique – 96$
5. Valentino – 1045$
6. River Island – 87.53$
7. Topshop – 24$
8. Alexander Wang – 525$
9. Aminaka Wilmont – 385$
10. Maje – 685$
11. Asos – 31.51$
Marie L.


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