Beauty review : Lipstick

This summer I was on the hunt for the perfect pink lipstick.  I bought so many, but never really got the perfect shade that I wanted.  Until one day, when I decided to splurge a little and spend 18$ on a Bourjois Sweet kiss lipstick.
I bought the color Rose corset 46 and I’m more than happy with the shade.  I’m not a big fan of sparkles in a lipstick and this one has an inny-bitty-bit (read here : almost none, just an hint) just to make your lips shine a little.  So, it’s made in Italy and is moisturizing as a lip balm because it has Argan oil (hellooo heaven!).  After wearing it for a complete day, my lips were still moist and the color was still looking good.  This is what I liked the most : my lips still looked the same as when I first put on my make-up.  No dry lips, no stain, no cracks in my skin filled with colors, you know all the downs of wearing a 5$ lipstick.  I never really thought that wearing an 18$ lipstick would of make a difference, but it did!  With a cheaper one, I can put it back up to three times in a day.  With this one, I simply put some lipstick in the afternoon and voila!  Looking fresh.  If your lips are already really smooth looking and moisturized, don’t use that lipstick.  You won’t see any difference and feel like you’ve wasted your money.  However, if you think Argan oil could help your mouth a little, give it a try!
Marie L.



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