Visible spectrum by Budi Satria Kwan

Who doesn’t like great designs?  Who doesn’t feel good looking at great art?  I guess no one and I’m no exception.  I just love design.  Sometimes, even if you feel like a piece is very simple, the details are there and they are incredible.  You just have to open your eyes and look for the best.  Like in the image above, you can see texture in the colors.

Tonari no Totoro by Victor Vercesi

I love how the landscape was introduced in the animal.

NYC by Chernobyl Bob

Now that you know my love for NYC, thanks to this post, you can understand why I love this print.  The colors are smooth and calming, the total opposite of what the city is.  It’s a contrary match.

Finding Nemo by PANDREAA

Minimalist, simple yet so chic.  I just love this.

A French Ninja Cat by Kyle Walters

No description needed right?

Let’s all go and have breakfast by Teo Zirinis

I really just feel like grabing breakfast.  Yummy right?

Do you like great designs?


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